The August flood in the south Louisiana Acadiana region was unprecedented – it was a once in 1,000 year flood. 40,000 Acadiana residents and another 100,000 Baton Rouge residents were evacuated and/or forced to flee their homes with no notice. No matter if it was 6 inches or 6 feet of bayou water, they lost everything.

With YOUR SUPPORT, immediately after the flood, Love Acadiana partnered with the faith community and 4,633 volunteers to:

  • Serve as an emergency shelter for evacuations
  • Muck out over 420 homes
  • Provide over 28,000 meals to displaced flood victims
  • Provide commercial dehumidifiers for 375 homes
  • Provide commercial fans for 557 homes
  • Distribute 4,318 cases of water, 2,429 cleaning boxes, 6,672 hygiene kits and 4,324 food boxes

Our hard work continues, as hardly anyone has yet completed the arduous process of returning home – especially those without the means to repair their homes. Of the more than 1,000 homeowners we have had contact with, we know of less than two dozen that have moved back in with completed houses. Many can no longer afford temporary housing and are moving back in with no floors, kitchens or doors and sleep on inflatable mattresses.

Love Acadiana, through its ongoing partnership with Mennonite Disaster Services and United Way, continues to facilitate local and out of state volunteers and resources for flood victims that are still in recovery. Love Acadiana has already been able to:

  • start a relationship with more than 200 homeowners and start them on the road to recovery
  • insulate and sheetrock 31 homes
  • float 9 homes
  • provide building materials for at least 40 more homes
  • prime and paint entire insides of 3 homes
  • provide clothing and generous Christmas presents for more than 30 families with children

Through your kindness and generosity Love Acadiana will continue to serve the hurting of our region.
Thank you for helping us Love Acadiana.

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